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Why IMPACT101 - Why Now!

Having been asked to produce the IMPACT 101 Slide Deck by Frank and Duncan Wood based upon Why Would Anyone Crowdfund, this i found an easy task.

Download v6

Much of the work and research has been undertaken to serve my own and others needs while following the mass UK Bank Frauds.. Debacle.

Remember Noel In the Jungle. This is why he went but the system voted him out first via Vodafone calls being extremely high?

Unfair play?


A police commissioner has called on the Government to force regulators to stop turning a blind eye and take action to stem a multi-million-pound tide of company collapses and corporate fraud.

Thames Valley Police and Crime Commissioner Anthony Stansfeld says the Big Four UK accountancy firms – KPMG, Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Ernst & Young – have been complicit in major conflicts of interest while the Financial Conduct Authority has done nothing.

He’s also calling for assurances that the Turnbull Report into failures by KPMG,

PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Deloittes, Lloyds Bank and the FCA over the concealment of a huge fraud at HBOS before and after its sale to Lloyds will be made public and not swept under the carpet. The scam was known about in 2008. It was covered up until 2017 when the jury returned the guilty verdict that companies and individuals were bankrupted by the fraud.

According to Stansfeld: “The publication of the Turnbull Report will be a devastating indictment of corporate fraud, it will be another scandal if it is kept under wraps”.

Full Article:

This was based upon the knowledge gathered and research that had gone into to form Property Action Group.

This is a project I've been working on for greater than 10 years after identifying wide spread fraud and deception from Banks, Solicitors, Police, Judges and MPs starting with Securities Fraud 2006/7 where i was the subject (Receiving End) of the fraud and many others through off plan property securities.

What we aren't all aware of are the issues happening in the back ground.

These are linked to the Finance Industry, Brexit and Global Technology Rollout of 5G?

Wheres the link?

The links can be found in the PAG Slide Deck also the following

Historical documents The Iron Mountain Report and Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars.

We as a Nation as others have been sold down the river by the greed of politicians who have been compromised over decades.

Our MPs Whips Work to the Cabinet Office, Cabinet Office works to the Treasury.

The Treasury is corrupt as proven in PAG findings and Mortgage Securitisation Claims.

Also id recommend paying to View an output from AV10 by Ian Crane of David Ellis of UK Columns work investigating the sell out of the UK Defence Sector By Theresa May.

Alternative View

An inquiry into the Bank fraud was prevented by Theresa May October 2018.

Also those in Public Office who have not had the fore site or experience to question authority or if specific actions plans are actually resolving the underlying issues. In other words.

Behold A Pale Horse - William Cooper - Silent Weapons Quiet Wars

Yes men and women.

Now within Silent weapons there are sections that refer to the bringing down of economies.

This is what is taking place in the UK as has been done in Greece and the rest of the PIGS countries. Portugal, Italy, Spain also Cyprus prior to these.

Currently Australia is in the same position. Its property market is diving.

IMPACT enables us to maintain currency and alternative ALT coin flow whether the economy outside is strong or not.

Within your own tight nit community create and maintain cash flow.

Media Zones are designed to inform and innovate through a means of bringing a message that cant be removed.

Start to build your personal War Chest with others today.

Impact101 Mobile Landing Page

Impact101 Replicated Website

Russell Brands Take On The Situation.

Discussed With Jacques Peretti.

Beyond Conspiracy.

The Terrifying Truth of Corporate Power.

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