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WAKING UP - The 45-50-60 Year Pan -IMPACT101

Ive just put together Version 3.0 of the IMPACT101 Presentation after watching Duncan deliver Version 2.0 and thought whats missing?

What we dont realise when we first see IMPACT101 is that its a highly effective way of increasing the velocity of money in an economy.

This means that money is moved around faster outside of a central mechanism that can control and have a negative impact on the society it serves.

Money helps us deliver exchange for value. Exchange for value can now be delivered by many means from crypto, services or whatever you need to support the system or environment in which you live.

The usual way of increasing your money supply is to spend more time working or find a mechanism or system that you can leverage time to increase revenues giving yourself more time to enjoy life with those who are important to you.

That system or mechanism has arrived.

So the new game begins ?

The plan is find a place to start at either the $40 grid or whatever you can afford. let us teach you how to go through the grid system.

Your effort and the software business rules help populate the grids. The payments are made Peer to Peer Directly account to account, IMPACT101 dont have anything to do with the accounts you use and take no % or fee on funds transfer.

Other Crowdfunding platforms take a % on transfer. IMPACT101 DOES NOT.

You determine where you are comfortable with your earning and we wont stop you from making as much as you want. Within reason.

When all 8 grids complete a cycle in a month, could be less eventually this brings in $28710 or roughly £22k in sterling.

The 45 year plan is flawed as there are not enough people paying into pension schemes as the baby boomers are about to start taking their pensions, many are now.

The Banking system isnt working and fraudulent.

SPANK THE BANKER TRAILER - If You Have a Group or people that would like to see this in full contact me on 07976 3020 its now on release.

Further supporting materials to Bank Criminal Activity is here:


So its the 45-50-60 year plan or IMPACT101? You Choose?

How long will it take to get you across all 8 levels and into the 22kClub?

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