• Bruce Lamb

The Silus Factor - Impact101

29 Minutes into the call.

Silus was asked to speak from Nigeria. Silus Analysis and recommendation is now seeing this implemented into startups with two presentations a day. Delivered by Duncan Wood.

Silus is an IT Coder from Nigeria. He has business interests in Nigeria and China.

He has witnessed a Russian ponzi scheme called MMM in operation there years before.

This process is different there are only 1 you plus 6 in each of the revenue grids.

Everyone in a grid is at the top of their own Grid that have subscribed to a cycle.

This isnt a ponzi scheme as after each Grid is completed it is collapsed and someone elses Grid is then running.

You can only run one grid at each value at any time.

Link to PDF of Grid working.

Grids fill Top to Bottom, Left to Right

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