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MUM of 4 Testimonial

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

Hi Everyone.

Please  read this Information via Duncan & Rona Wood.

Her Story with Impact 101.    Mum with 4 Kids, and what she has achieved. 

Amazing Story !

I have a HUGE why, my 4 children are my world! 

I am 100% COMMITTED to this platform! I am 100% COMMITTED to helping others! I am 100% COMMITTED to achieving my goals!

A few weeks ago I was struggling financially, I had no income, virtually no money and no HOPE!!!

I had no idea what the hell I was going to do.

I was facing losing my home with mounting pressure from every angle.

Food, Bills, Overdue rent and no money to pay the next rent payment , school trips, clothes, shoes, uniform.........AHHHHH!!!!

See I had quit my previous business and jumped into a couple of things, trying to sell a marketing device.

I did everything I was "supposed" to do but the product did not excite me, spending hours of my day and eve promoting in groups etc to sell them.

Even if a few people brought them I would get just a few $$$ several weeks later!! That was no where near the amount I needed per month to cover my outgoings and I needed money like yesterday!

And a few $$$ for the countless hours I put in!

I felt defeated and that I had failed, I didn't know where I was going to go from here.

I actually got a phone call from a guy I knew from a previous business, he told me he had joined a new platform and lots of people were having success with it.

He asked if he sent me a short video would I watch it ??

I didn't have anything to lose so I said YES!

And that was the best decision I made!

I was blown away by this concept and it enabled me to receive funds INSTANTLY!!!

I could see that this was how I was going to get out of the crappy situation I was in and I was DETERMINED to make it work!!

So I joined immediately and never looked back since!

I have now received over $40,000 instantly into my account and this has changed my family's life!

Every day I am so grateful that John reached out to me and I know where I would be if he hadn't or if I did not watch that video!

So If I reach out to you to share this, this is the reason why?

Did I have a big list of leaders ready to join me ??? NO!

Do I spend loads on advertising??? NO! $0

I started from scratch and got to work sharing this using just Facebook! All the stress and worry over money has gone!

I see people posting crazy things like health before wealth Blah blah blah . Let me tell you that when your in the position I was money is NECESSARY !!

Every single person NEEDS money, FACT!

Every single person on the planet CAN do this!

So this platform enables anyone in the world to raise unlimited funds  for any purpose! 

Q1.) Do you need or want more money than you have now???

Q2.) If I send you a short video showing how you can do this would you watch it ?

If the answer to those questions is YES then reach out to me today and let's get you receiving donations instantly into your account!

So there you go. with the right attitude, determination and commitment this business is for ANYONE & EVERYONE !


IMPACT101 - Boxndice

+44 7976 302068

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