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Updated: Mar 1, 2019

To negate legislation changes in the property sector.

An Exercise in Business Process Re engineering.

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Legislative Changes Are Reducing Lettings Agencies Revenue Streams.

June 2019

Landlords Are Selling Properties Based On Section 24 Changes.

Reduced Profits, Increased Taxation.

Profit Margins Are Reducing for all parties. •

Larger City Centre Lettings Operations on Single Developments Are Managing Apartment Blocks.

Crowdfunding : An Option To Increase Cash flow In A Legal & Ethical Way.

Peer to Peer Crowdfunding - With IMPACT101

The changes implemented into legislation are not to help people or businesses. Theresa May is ex Bank of England. Brexit is German Law via the Back Door.

Research Kalergi Plan 1920's and Agenda 21 30. There is a link to all the legislative changes in the property sector. Lets discuss 07976 302068.

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