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IMPACT101 - Version 3.0 Slide Deck

Working on version 4.0 currently but here is version 3.0 delivered 17.3.19 two months into the business. Over 1 Million $ Donated.

Updated back office screens and greater detail on the banker issues that are coming 2019.

If you want to understand the banker related problems that aren't generally

in the media read more here and get to a viewing of SPANK THE BANKER. STB.

STB is now on release and being shown at the following locations:

- 17th March: Birmingham MAC CINEMA 2pm

- 19th March: GFT Glasgow 6pm

- 15th April: Manchester Home Cinema 6pm

- 28th April: Duns Film Club Scottish Borders 4pm

- 22th May: Edinburgh Filmhouse 6pm

- 24th May: Aberdeen Belmont Filmhouse 6pm

- Newcastle Star and Shadow Cinema date TBC

The Noel Edmonds video is a MUST Watch linked to Lloyd issues

but the problem is wider.

Solution - Crowdfund in Various Currencies and Alt Coins - Crypto -

Learn Exchange For Value.

Impact101 Mobile Landing Page

Impact101 Replicated Website

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