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IMPACT101 v5.0 Presentation

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

The changes in this release v5.0 review the changing financial regulations for UK lettings agents and landlords.

This is part of a UK Govt initiative to stop investment in UK properties by existing landlords. There is a larger initiative and i recommend a search locally for Agenda 21.

We also look at the change in the Pension Scheme arena where many would be retirees are having their pensions impacted by the fraudulent activities in Banking sector. The finance industry is joined at the hip and what is to follow is more by design than poor practice.

From a property perspective Banks have been taking property through illegal means be it theft or market manipulation also systemic over valuation which helps them generate funds from securitised contracts and rehypothecated funds.

50% of UK mortgaged properties are now negative equity. Property Action Group PAG is being set up to assist in this area.

We include also a slide that covers the forthcoming Pension Crisis. Check with your scheme provider are they going to deliver against previous projections?

Legal cases against UK and some International Banks in 2019 with Mortgage Securitisation Claims MSC, being at the forefront.

We've also a slide on raising funds for your campaign.

Download IMPACT 101 v5.0

To understand further some of the major issues in the world of Banking the expose by John Cruz an ex Senior Vice President of HSBC need to be taken on board.

The links between US and UK MPs and the payment mechanisms allowing Fraud, Money Laundering and Corruption instigated and unchecked are discussed.

More detail and output from John can be viewed at

His interview with Dave Hodges of Silver Doctors can be followed here

Diagramatic Representation of Politics & Big Business.

Using Follow The Money Principles.

Trump is Draining The Swamp. Bilderberg Promissory Notes & Bills of Exchange Fuel the money creation fire. Major Corporates along with Banks, Central Banks and Merchant Bankers use our Social Security Numbers and data to make money from thin air. Listen to the John Cruz interview.

We aren't aware until something happens that makes us wake up? What will it be for you?

This Bank exercise is also known as Shadow Banking and can show up on your DSAR Data Subject Access Request. A DSAR is 500 - 1600 pages in length.

This will also identify that your bank may have paid your mortgage off while committing a parallel offence see MSC for further details.

Trevor identified the £250,000 raised on his account by Lloyds Bank who had tied him into a Bait and Switch deal that is currently under investigation. Lloyds lent money, a much smaller value and then closed the deal. You cant go anywhere else as the Banks act as a Cartel then they chase after your assets.

For details of the DVD German intelligence operation working within Whitehall, GCHQ, the Michael Shrimpton interviews can be listened to on You Tube.

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