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IMPACT101 - Does It Work?

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

Yes If You Follow The Steps and are Teachable.

I sat yesterday with an old business friend, hes younger than me but ive known him for 11- 12 years or so. One of his businesses manage some properties for me.

I tried to explain the concept of Impact 101 but i was getting the fallback ponzi statement that people will jump to if they haven't seen or understand the process or understand the business rules in the software.

These being there are 1+6 spaces in your grid.

You are one the other six are either filled by yourself by who you introduce that follow you through the grid structure or they are slotted in from those in the specific Grid that are participating in the funding round.

The grids complete top to bottom, left to right.

If people haven't the pictures in their heads they wont get it and jump to something that helps them explain it away or logic it through for themselves as it wont make sense.

This we have to simplify and create pictures in their heads. This is good for us as in any teaching role we have to find better ways of explaining.

There is an old Chinese Proverb.

I hear and I forget

I see and I remember

I do and I understand.

Understanding comes from doing.

We can only leave the breadcrumbs of an idea or concept.

If the person is hungry enough they will see the concept and consider application to their business model or private life.

The existing finance business model is broken. We will not fix it with the same level of thinking that got us into this predicament.

Over night I received 4 payments of $20 not a great deal £59 in sterling but it helps answer the question, Does IMPACT101 work - Yes

Key Points:

Does it work? Yes

Is it Legal - Yes Globally. Peer to Peer Donation

Is it a Ponzi - No.

Follow the Process. Its also legal worldwide. No Payments Go to the Company IMPACT101.

All payments go direct between members. Peer to Peer.

Can it be used as a tool in business models to implement change - Yes.

What makes it move faster - Mobile Marketing.

Can be branded to your company.


Reduces Boom and Bust in economies.

Increases the velocity of money in economies be they local or overseas.

You rent the software for $25 or $40 6 or 12 months.

We are all at the top of our own Grid for those who contribute to the system.

I have no doubt IMPACT 101 will achieve its goal of being the largest

Crowdfunding platform on the planet.

This will be in record time as they dont take any commission (0%) of the payments exchanged as some other platforms do.

Details below on how to get involved.

Link to Slide Deck

A sample of donations between members following the system software through the grids.

Give Share Receive.

Further detail and links to IMPACT101 functionality

Impact101 Mobile Landing Page
Impact101 Replicated Website
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