• Bruce Lamb

Find Your Reason

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

You can raise funds for absolutely anything that you want to.

That's because person to person crowdfunding is legal, ethical and acceptable everywhere in the world.

Whatever your dreams, passions and goals are, Impact101 has the platform and the system to help you raise the funds for them. 

Here are a few examples of what people are raising funds for: 

Help with family living expenses 

Support important causes and charities 

Help with community projects 

Take care of loved ones 

Pay off medical bills 

Start a new business 

Chase a dream 

Pay off student loans 

Pay for a wedding 

Pay off debt

Get a new vehicle 

Take a dream family vacation 

Buy a new house 

Pay off a mortgage 

Daycare Help

Retirement Pay

Education/Training courses 

To be able to stay at home with children 

To be able to pay it forward 

Summer camp or sports for children 

New equipment for a business To take a break

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