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David Icke - Do You Really want To Know This?

I'm putting this piece together as ive followed the worsening Banking situation that today is the UKs Brexit, EU Control situation on our doorstep. Will we leave on the 29th or has May and the Bank of England croneys given enough false information that everyone is so confused they really don't know what to make of it?

If people really understood who and what was behind the EU it would be a different ball game.

This situation is heavily disguised in the media unless you understand the route cause behind the situation. This is explained more fully in article Problem Reaction Solution.

Id summarised this in the slide above which indicates that How Banks Have Committed Mortgage Fraud on a massive scale for decades.

This will now be addressed through Legal Cases commencing 2019 with Legal Quest.

More information here:

Through the Crowdfunding mechanism it enables us to move money through the process of Give Share Receive.

Id just watched the Ian R Crane morning update on the ridiculous situation on how a UK couple that had found a cure for cancer were being hounded with the threat of imprisonment after successfully fighting their case in the UK now were potentially to face imprisonment in France for the same so called offence.

The World Has Gone Mad or Big Pharma and the Banks that control Govt has!

In the video trail i noticed the David Icke video below. This David Icke piece sums everything up excellently with the Help of The Black Eyed Peas. Must Watch:

Crowdfunding gives us the option using this process to find an alternative to Banking and finding exchange for value its a step change in the right direction giving us the ability to migrate away from a system that no longer serves humanity.

In the interim we reduce our dependency on a system that is outdated and move towards a mechanism that has greater flexibility and serves humanity enabling the funding of both lifestyle and good causes.

If you want to know more on this subject contact me on +44 7976 302068 / or look at the IMPACT101 websites for Mobile and Web.

Impact101 Mobile Landing Page

Impact101 Replicated Website

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