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Business Is A Team Sport

The Story of Rich Dad

The Rich Dad Company’s mission: To elevate the financial well-being of humanity

Rich dad said, “A business needs both a spiritual and a business mission to be successful, especially at the beginning.”

Rich dad chose the words “spiritual” and “business.” He said, “Many people start a business only to make money. Just to make money is not a strong enough mission. Money alone does not provide enough fire, drive, or desire. The mission of a business should fill a need that the customers want. And if it fills that need, and fills it well, the business will begin to make money.”

The Rich Dad Company has the following mission: “To elevate the financial well-being of humanity.” By being clear and true to the dual spiritual and business mission of this company, we have enjoyed great success. By being clear on our mission, we attract individuals and other groups aligned with a similar mission. Some people call it luck. I call it being true to our mission. Over the years, I have come to believe that rich dad was right about the importance of having the spiritual mission and business mission be strong and in line.

– Robert Kiyosaki

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